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Leanne Nowell Staff Photo


Activity Class Schedule Has Changed!  

Ms. Nowell's Activity Schedule has changed.  Our A Days are now PE, and D Days are Computer. 

File Manager  

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Great Science Websites!  

Study Jams by Scholastic has some great websites for science that include slide shows, videos, and test questions.

Go to

Also, quizlet has some great test-type questions as well.  Go to and type in a science subject for 5th grade.


Contact Me!  

If you have any questions or problems, please call me or text me at 901-351-2651.

Nowell's Notes...  
  • Please join our Facebook page for Pleasant Hill Elementary School.
  • Students need to always wear athletic shoes on PE and Health Activity class days.  My homeroom students have an activity calendar in their take-home folder. 
  • Please select "Newsletter and Other Info" to view or download my weekly newsletter and our activity schedule.