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Extra Activities

Games/Activities to Do at Home  

Sight Words:

Using index cards, right sight words on one side of the index card. You can do this with your child as a "test" to see which words need to be seen more or your child can review through them as they please.


Using bubble wrap (the kind with the big bubbles), write sight words on each bubble. If the child can read the word he/she gets to pop the bubble, if he/she cannot, they move on to another word.


Using sticky notes, write sight words on the sticky notes and place them around the house/room. Once all of the sight words are placed, the child will search around the house for the sight words and will say and write the sight words he/she finds.




I will continue to add to this page as I find things for you to do at home! There are many things on the internet (Pinterest) that would be great if your child is struggling with a specific skill, or if you just want to give him/her extra practice. If you cannot print at your house but find something that would benefit your child please email me the link, and I will print it off and send it home with your child!!