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First Nine Weeks Skills 

Second Nine Weeks



Count to 10 by ones

Write numbers 0 - 5. Represent a number of objects within a written numeral 0-5.

Count and work with numbers 0-5.  This is a one-to-one correspondence.

Work with numbers 0-5 in a line and an array.

Classify and sort objects into given categories.

Describe objects by their postition.

Correctly name two-dimensional shapes. (circle, square, triangle, oval, rectangle and diamond)

Identify and sort shapes as "flat" or "solid".



Language Arts

Demonstrate an understanding of oral language patterns; spoken words.

Ask and answer questions about key details in text.  Begin to make inferences and cite evidence. (fiction and nonfiction)

Describe and identify key information from text:  Characters

Recognize and identify front cover, back cover, and title page of a book.

Name the author and illustrator of a text and define the role of each.

Compose opinion pieces. (draws)

Participate appropriately in class discussions:  listens attentively and takes turns speaking.