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Welcome to The Dream Tream!!



 * To Learn about Mrs. Trim's Education, click on the About: Education Tab

** To Learn about Mrs. Trim's Teaching Experience, click on the About: Experience Tab

*** To Learn about Mrs. Trim, click on the About: Bio Tab

***** To see your child's tentative daily schedule, click on Class Schedule Tab

******To see your child's daily activity, click on Activity Scedule Tab


Your child will be bring home a Daily Take-Home Folder. This folder will have your child's daily schedule, lunch menu, and actvity rotation in sheet protectors. Please do not take these out of your child's folder.

-Each afternoon your child will have a Day at a Glance sheet in the left pocket of his/her folder. This will give your a brief description as to what your child did in ELA and Math. In addition, it will tell you which activity your child went to and if he/she received any therapy (speech,OT,PT, or ABA). Please sign and return these sheets each day.

- Any work that will not be placed in your child's portfolio will be sent home in his/her folder. These sheets may stay at home.

-In addition to daily folders, I will communicate with y'all via text.

If you have any question or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. or (662) 890-9654