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 Let's read something today! 

  ThaWelcome to my classroom!  Our class is a Renaissance National Honor class!   

     You must earn at least an 80% average on your book quiz.  Please slow down and strive for 100% on all  your tests.  Remember to read your picture book at least three times and study the pictures.  When you are reading to someone make sure you ask the questions.  If you are reading a chapter book, read when you can focus on what you are reading.  You don't have to read the chapter book more than once.  Just slow down and focus.  Do your best when taking your quiz! 

        Our activity calendar will be in the "Homework" folder for important information and dates!!!

     Parents! Remember to sign up for the Pleasant Hill facebook page.   

       You may still use the A.R. book finder to check book levels of a book. Go to

                                Have fun!                                            

 Happy Reading!


Check out "Mrs. Newsom's Classroom Newsletter" each week for updated information.  This is sent home each Monday in the "Take Home" folder.  Homework is sent home in the "Homework" folder.  Check your child's planner daily for homework assignments and conduct.  Parents must initial planners every night