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 Wow, it's hard to believe this school year is almost over. Please encourage your child to stay focused, work hard, and do their very best to finish strong!!

The students have come so far since the first day and I am truly proud of each one of them.

We are preparing now for state testing which will begin the 18th day of April. This test is very important as it is a pass or fail test. All 3rd graders must pass this test in order to promote to 4th grade. They are definitely prepared. It is up to them to apply the strategies learned so far.

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Check planners and folders each day to keep up with your child's assignments.


Feel free to email me at!

 I'm so happy to be your child's teacher. Let's work together to stay positive and encourage your child in their learning. :)

Please encourage your child to read each night for at least 35 minutes. Be sure to ask your child about what they are reading and learning each day.