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Reading and Language
Due Date: 9/19/2014

Reading: The students will learn to make inferences. The students will complete activities in their language interactive notebooks while citing text-based evidence. The students will investigate central message or themes of a text. The students will analyze trickster tales and Native American legends.

Language: Subject and verb agreement


2. left

3. don't

4. few

5. while

6. known

7. write

8. knock

9. wrong

10. knot

11. wrinkle

12. solid

13. liquid

14. gas

15. product

16. quotient

Due Date: 9/5/2014

The students are adding and subtracting with or without regrouping within word problems. The students will learn rounding and estimating strategies. Continue with mult facts. The students will use problem solving strategies to solve word problems.

Reading and Language
Due Date: 1/3/2013

We have begun Unit 4: America in Conflict- American Revolution, Declaration of Independence, the Civil War, and important men and women in history.

 We will be discussing poetic techniques, modeling visualization, and the use of figurative language. We will use patriotic songs for writing responses and to enhance learning. The students will learn about the Evacuated children from Bristol while using drama. The students will write varied poem structures. 

Poems for discussion are: "Johnny Comes Marching Home," "The New Colossus," "My America: A Poetry Atlas of the US,"  "Hand in Hand Harriet Tubman," " I, Too, Sing America"

"The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" 


Due Date: 11/9/2012

Adding and Subtracting fractions- test on Wednesday

Due Date: 11/9/2012

 Test on Wednesday- Potential and Kinectic Energy

Force and Motion


balanced and unbalanced forces 

Reading and Language
Due Date: 11/9/2012

We will be reading Walk Two Moons. The students will discuss figurative language and write responses to the literature. 

The students will have extra time to work on story boards in class.

 Review Language skills: Prepositions, adjectives, adverbs, and appositives

Review Reading skills for Case 21 testing--  

Reading and Language
Due Date: 10/28/2012

The students will be researching Native American tribes in class on netbooks. Each student will present a powerpoint slide show by Friday.

Language- Prepositions/perfect tense verbs 

Due Date: 10/28/2012

Fractions, Fractions, Fractions....

Understanding, identifying, equivalent, and comparing and ordering- 

Due Date: 10/28/2012

Fun with matter...

Physical/Chemical Changes in Matter

Solutions and Mixtures  

Due Date: 10/22/2012

This week the students will be learning about factors, multiples, prime numbers, composite numbers, Greatest Common Factors and Least Common Factors. 

Thursday- quiz on multiples and factors

Friday- Case 21 on Prime and Composite Numbers along w/multiples and factors 

Reading and Language
Due Date: 10/22/2012

This week the students will begin Unit 3:


Begin reading: The Mishomis Book: Voice of the Ojibway

Make notes on inference based off of direct quotes from the story. CITE EVIDENCE

Use this book to model inference, main ideas, cause /effect.

TTW make a matrix chart to mark cultural elements:

Religion, symbols, customs, location, gov, economy, language

TSW add ideas that fall under each category while teacher reads to the class.

Confirm word recognition by citing context clues.

Let the students know of expectations of research project w/small groups on different cultural elements from Native American Tribes.

Planning with peer groups on research projects begins this week. Research will be done in the classroom using netbooks next week.



Due Date: 10/22/2012
Give the students the atoms family song and  watch the studyjams on atoms, elements, and compounds
Make voc flashcards-
Monday:  Matter and Its Properties
TSW complete IT'S ELEMENTAL crossword for a grade
TTW introduce PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF MATTER ch.1Lesson1 MCT Coach notes
TSW receive coach notes and highlight important words
TSW Read Chapter 1 Lesson 1 by Wednesday and answer questions
HW: study flashcards(both sets) and any notes/worksheets
Tuesday:  Matter and its Physical/Chemical Properties
TTW review vocabulary and show examples of physical properties/chemical properties
TSW highlight important words, phrases in reading and answer questions for review
TSW measure density, mass, weight, and volume of objects(density blocks-student guide sheet/use with density blocks in lab)( or use the Directed Inquiry on page 6 of the Science Workbook to calculate volume)
(get density blocks and graduated cylinder from lab for use)
HW: study vocabulary, work HOW CAN MATERIALS BE IDENTIFIED?
Wednesday: Physical/Chemical properties
TTW review homework for correct answers
TSW correct answers for notes
TTW/TSW Read and answer questions for Chapter 1 Lesson 1 in student workbook
HW: study vocabulary and any notes
Thursday:  Three States of Matter
TTW go over homework for correct answers
TTW: review solid, liquid, gas and show examples of each(make sure they know about changes in the molecules during each  state)
TSW: read WHAT ARE THE THREE STATES OF MATTER? and answer questions
TSW:  perform experiment using ice to show the changing states of matter(pg. E12-I will use the microwave instead of a hot plate for the experiment  Also, give the students the temperatures of Water's boiling point-100 degrees C/
          212 degrees F and its freezing point-0 degrees C/32 degrees F) 
HW: Work SOLID AS A ROCK, study vocabulary and any notes given
Friday:Review Day
TSW work Chapter 1 MS Science test practice pages 18 & 19 in Science workbook
TSW complete An Introduction to Matter crossword puzzle and Variables and Properties/Classifying Matter for a grade
HW:  study vocabulary and any notes/worksheets for test Monday
Extras:  Bill Nye videos, STUDY, Brain Pop                    

Due Date: 10/22/2012

Your child is working on a Reading/Vocabulary packet this week which will be due on Friday. The words will be used for Spelling #3 fun ways of practice due Friday. Spelling test will be given on Monday along w/ vocabulary test.

Case 21 testing
Due Date: 10/12/2012

Case 21 testing this week...

Monday- Science test

Tuesday- Reading

Wednesday- Language

Thursday- Math


Please be sure your child sleeps well and eats a good breakfast each morning prior to testing. :) Encourage them to do their best!!!!!!

Due Date: 10/1/2012

Monday  - Review estimation rules using all orders of operations HW: in planner           p. 18, p.39. and p. 73                                                             

Tuesday- Math journal on algebraic expressions

              Put word meanings in math journal

              centers: evaluating numerical expressions, Express Yourself, Solve equations, Solve-it! , Division/multiplication cards

 Wednesday- Centers: evaluating numerical expressions, Express Yourself, Solve equations, Solve-it! , Division/multiplication cards

Thursday- Review work from centers, handouts, textbook, and estimation and variables test

Friday- Estimation of all operations and variables test

Due Date: 10/1/2012

Monday- Spelling test ( words from the week of Sept. 25- Sept. 29)

New words for the week: ( Oct. 1- Oct. 5th) words and definitions found in planner


1. tissue

2. utensil

3. junior

4. substitute

5.- beaker

6. mixture

7. chemical

8. element

9. molecule

10. hyrdogen

11. launch

12. shawl


Homework: Choose 3 projects (class choices posted in classroom) to do with spelling words due on Friday.



Due Date: 9/21/2012

Monday -  Handouts: Name that Adaptation, More than One Way to Hide Show ebook on Disgusting animals/behaviors/habitiats

Tuesday  -  watch studyjams video on fossils/ explore fossils/ Discuss Chapter 6 on fossils/questions

Wednesday- Adaptations and Fossil experiments/ work in groups to solve plant adaptation matching/ Crossword Changes over time

Thursday-  Review all notes on adaptations

Friday-  Adaptations test

Reading/ Language
Due Date: 9/21/2012

Monday-Spelling/vocab test

Conferences 35 minutes Goals Determined Each Day (Monday- Friday)

Compound and Complex Sentences

Tuesday- Review independent and dependent clauses 

Wednesday- Sentence Fragments and Run-ons

Colons and Semi-colons

Writing Process: Choosing a topic and Drafting

Thursday-Put editing rules in lang notebook

Spelling rules

Friday- Combining rules/Sentence Variety quiz

cold read test