Mrs. Alexandria Wolf

Pre-K Special Education



BOOM Cards!!

Continue to work with Boom Cards atleast 2-3 times a week. I add new ones weekly.  This is such a good way to work on skills.

or download the APP and login with your child's personal login


Please also allow some free play on StarFall.  If you need a free subscription let me know! I have a code for you.

Under the Resources tab, Is my YouTube Channel!  Click to access ALL my videos from now on!


Watch these cute Videos and talk about them after. Ask questions, answer questions, encourage participation.

Kindness Song

The Alphabet Chant


Social Skills

1. Washing Your Hands

2. Noise Levels

3.Taking Turns

4. Kindness

5. Caring for a pet

i love you

Brain Break

News to Know

I hope everyone had a fantastic mother's day weekend!  School is almost out, so lets really work hard these last couple weeks.  The theme is PETS!

I have uploading lots of fun pet themed worksheets and pet themed BOOM cards. Please continue to work on these daily.  I am able to look at your progress and use this as data.

Play with toy animals and practice counting them and sorting. Pretend to play as a vet office and care for the animals!  I will post more videos on my youtube this week of pets.

Thanks everyone who stopped by last week.  It was so great getting to see and hug some of you!!  Seriously made my MONTH!! 

May 5th 2020


Virtual Field Day!!!

From PE teacher, Heather Murphy:

Hey Sweet Friends, 
Just a reminder tonight at 7:30 is the Opening Ceremony for our Virtual Field Day. You can share this link with our students....
The Torch Run has also started.... here is the link.....
Virtual Field day is TOMORROW!! May 8th!!
Please remind parents and students of this event and share these links! Score
Cards and Event Activities are available on my website. 
If students submit their score card they will receive a certificate! 

May 8th, 2020


I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Mother's Day!!  I know this is not the Mother's Day everyone had hoped for or imagined for the year 2020, but do your best to relax and enjoy your time with your families this weekend.  You all deserve it and MORE!!

May 6th, 2020


Hey everyone!!

Somehow Ive gotten off on my days and did not realize yesterday was Wednesday!! Totally my fault. Im adding new info to our site today and apologize for the inconvenience.  I guess i have quarantine brain! HA!

April 30, 2020


The week of April 22nd is Up and ready to go! If anyone has boxes they can part with, I can definitely use some! Ill be packing up my classroom on the 28th, if you would like to drop some off. Thank You so much!!

Also, Dont forget to do Boom Cards and StarFall a couple days a week!  This is great skill practice!!

April 21st 2020

Hey guys!  A lot of parents are having difficulty accessing some videos/links with my powerpoints. Im going to skip the powerpoint this week and see if some different ways will work better for everyone!  I have created a YouTube channel to download all my videos to. This should make it much easier for parents to access the videos I make! Im sure everyone is getting very tired of me sending surveys but it is the absolute easiest way to get lots of information from everyone.  I plan to send out another one before next Wednesday to help me decide if I need to bring back the powerpoint or not. Thanks everyone for being so wonderful and so so flexible during these difficult times. Im missing my kids something AWFUL and SO ready to get back to normal. Im sure they are too!  Tell them I miss them!!

April, 15th 2020

Hey everyone! Ive added our third week of distance learning information. This weekend is Easter. Please do not stress over doing school work or getting things done.  Instead, just try to enjoy your time with family. Play outside, decorate eggs, go on an egg hunt, etc. Do your best to try to create a fun Easter weekend, even if quarantined.  I miss all my students terribly!!  Post lots and lots of pictures on our Facebook page! I want to see everyone enjoying their families and Easter. <3 

April 8th, 2020

Good Morning!  I hope the first week of Distant learning went well for everyone! I have added our second week. I also included everything into a Word document for anyone who had difficulty with the PowerPoint.  Please message me for Code for Starfall! It is a great learning tool! It can be accessed as an app or on the computer.  Also, Check out my Pinterest page I have created specifically for ideas for Distant Learning.(The link is under Resources) I am adding to it weekly. Have a fantastic week!!

April 1st, 2020

I will be adding links to our 1st weeks distance learning as well as some extras that you might find useful.  The format of the lesson is going to be in powerpoint. If you are having trouble pulling up any of the links on the powerpoint, please let me know and I will add them to the page. Check Remind, Our FaceBook page, and SchoolStatus frequently for any updates!

March 23, 2020


During this challenging time we here at PHES are currently working on ways to ensure all of our students have access to an education.  Please continue to monitor teacher websites for additional information. We will also be utilizing SchoolStatus to send out messages of updates as we have them. 

March 19, 2020

Digital Learning

***Message me if you are interested in a StarFall login!

Fun Links

About the Teacher/Welcome Msg

Welcome to Mrs. Alex's Class!

I graduated from Ole Miss in 2013 with my bachelors in Education.


This is my fourth year teaching special education.  I taught K-5 self-contained special education for two years.  I have grown up doing volunteer work throughout the special needs community, including Camp BOLD, art to achieve, and SNAAP.  I am extremely excited to be teaching my second year of preschool!

Class Schedule

AM Schedule


8:15-8:30 Arrival/Table Work

8:30-9:00 Task Box/Free Choice centers

9:00-9:15 Circle Time

9:20-9:30 Snack

9:30- 9:45 Sensory/ Exercise Break

9:45-10:30 Small Group/Free Choice Centers

10:30-11:00 Recess

11:00  Pack Up and Go home


PM Schedule

12:00- 12:15 Arrival/Table Work

12:15- 1:00 Task Box/Free Choice Centers

:1:00-1:20 Circle Time

1:20-1:35 Sensory/ Exercise Break

1:35-2:00 Small Group/Free choice centers

2:00-2:30 Recess

2:30- 2:50 Snack

2:50-3:00 Pack Up/Go Home


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