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Welcome to Angelia Faulkner's Class! 

My name is Angelia Faulkner, and I am a special education teacher at Pleasant Hill Elementary School.  I currently serve students in  second grade.  I received my bachelors degree in elementary education from the University of Mississippi.  I also have a gifted and a special education endorsement.  I earned a master's degree from Arkansas State University in educational leadership.



Cloud Dough Recipe:


  • 1 cup baby oil
  • 8 cups flour
  • To make your cloud dough:

Add the baby oil to 8 cups of flour.  Stir well.

Exploding Milk Colors

Materials: pie plate, whole milk (about a cup, at room temperature), food coloring, liquid soap

Have your child pour the milk into the pie plate. Then, ask him to choose a bottle of food coloring and squeeze a few drops into the milk. Set the stage for scientific thinking by asking, “What do you think will happen when we add the soap?” Then, put one drop of liquid soap into the milk and watch the colors explode! Ask things like, “What happened to the colors?” and “Do you see any new colors?”

Moon Sand

Materials: 4 cups sand, 2 cups cornstarch, 1 cup water, bowl, smock or cover-up

This activity can get messy! Make sure to have your child cover up with a smock, apron, or old t-shirt before starting. Have your child use her hands to mix the sand and cornstarch in the bowl. Give her time to feel the two textures. Slowly pour the water in as she’s mixing and have her move the materials around until everything is combined. Ask, “What does it feel like?” Give her time to play with the moon sand and figure out what it can do.

Your FAVORITE... Kinetic Sand!.... it is suppose to be like our brown sand in the room.

How to Make DIY Kinetic Sand

Learning how to make DIY kinetic sand is a great project for you and the kids. It is also a fun way to keep them occupied on rainy and bad weather days! This is simple to make with materials that are easy to obtain if you don't already have them.

Author Debra Maslowski



  1. First, ensure your sand is dry. You may also want to sift it through a screen to get out any larger pieces.

  2. Next, mix the sand and cornstarch together very, very well.
  3. Mix the soap and water in a separate container.
  4. Now add 1 cup of the soapy water to the dry mixture and mix well.
  5. From here, add small amounts of liquid together with the sand, mixing well as you go. You may not need all of the water, or you may need a bit more. You want to get it to a consistency where it is damp, but not liquid. Also, it should hold its shape for a few seconds to a minute. If you get it too wet, you can either let it dry out or add a bit more sand.


There, you just made DIY kinetic sand! Store your sand in a container with a good seal. If you take care and don't let your sand dry out in between play times, it will last for a very long time.


****There are social and emotional resources located in the "counselor's corner" of the PHES website. We all know this is a very stressful and emotional time. Please reach out to our counselors if your child might need counseling services.****