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Welcome to my class!  My name is Anne Cagle, and I teach 4th and 5th grade S.P.O.T.L.I.G.H.T at Pleasant Hill Elementary.  I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and raised in Gulfport, Mississippi.  I received a BS degree from the University of Southern Mississippi and a MA from the University of Memphis.  I taught in Jackson and Southaven (DCES) before accepting my current position at Pleasant Hill fifteen years ago.  I have been married to Brian Cagle for 25 years.  Brian and I have an sixteen year old son, Samuel, and a thirteen year old daughter, Sarah Whit.

In S.P.O.T.L.I.G.H.T. we will explore thematic units in which we will incorporate the areas of gifted education.  These elements include creativity, communication, research, thinking skills, leadership with group dynamics, social and emotional development, and performing arts.  Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions about classroom activities, unit material, or field trips.  

Parents are THE most important people in a child's life and I look forward to working with you for the benefit of your child.  With school and home working together, I know that each student can have his or her most successful school year yet! 

Anne Cagle 


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**Extra Resources During School Closure**

1. Enrichment


1.  Brainpop.  If the link does not work, please google Brainpop.  The username is phesteacher.  The password is phes56.  All lower case.  Please search for the video on Mindfulness.  Please watch the movie and take the quiz.  You should pass the quiz with 90% or higher.  You may want to watch the video twice before you take the quiz.  Good luck!  

Mindfulness is a life skill that will benefit you for years to come.  It can also help you to persevere in tough situations.  

2.  Art - Click on the link and learn how to draw a flamingo.  Please add color and send a picture of your creation!  Extension:  Research why flamingos are pink!  

3.  National Geographic for Kids!  Please click on the link.  It should take you to National Geographic for Kids - A Wild Introduction to Kid-Friendly Poses.   Please watch the two videos on animal poses, one for the bunny pose and one for the flamingo pose.  As you watch the video, practice the pose!  Yoga is often used when people practice mindfulness.  Yoga is a great form of exercise as well.   

4. Write a letter to an upcoming 4th Grade SPOTLIGHT student.  Give advice on what you think they should do to be successful in 4th Grade SPOTLIGHT.  They will benefit from your wise words!  Please follow the format for a friendly letter.  Take a picture of your letter and send it to Mrs. Cagle or Mrs. Weigel.  We will read them to the new 4th Graders in the fall.  

5. Recommend a book to other students!  Recommend a good book for other students to read.  Include the name of the book, the author, the genre, and why you recommend the book.  Include a star rating (1-5) and justify your rating.  Tell if the book reminds you of other books that you have read.  


Follow Up:  Thank you for sending us lists of what you miss most about school!  Here is Mrs. Cagle and Mrs. Weigel's combined list of what we miss the most!  

What I Miss 

Mrs. Cagle - I miss seeing you create wonderful art!

Mrs. Weigel - I miss y'all being surprised every week that Center 1 is Fabulous Vocabulous!  

Mrs. Cagle - I miss seeing y'all rock Hands on Equations!

Mrs. Weigel - I miss watching you doing STEM projects!

Mrs. Cagle -  I miss watching you go through the steps of a science experiment or following directions to cook!  

Mrs. Weigel - I miss you encouraging each other!  If a student says they can't complete a task, someone else chimes in and says, "You can do it!  Practice growth mindset!".  

Mrs. Cagle - I miss our discussions about the Ron Clark 10 Essential Life Lessons!

We both miss listening to y'all talk about what is going on in your lives and your smiles!  

We sure miss you during this time!  We wish we could see your sweet faces as you complete these centers.  Please do not forget to send pictures to us!  We love you!



Please note the following 'Common Myths and Truths about Gifted Students':  

Common Myths about Gifted Students:

  • Gifted Students are all a homogeneous group, all high achievers.
  • Gifted Students do not need help, if they are really gifted they can figure it out on their own.
  • Gifted Students are self directed, they know where they are heading.
  • The social and emotional development of Gifted Students is at the same level as their intellectual development.
  • Gifted Students need to serve as examples to others and should always assume additional responsibility.

Truths about Gifted Students:

  • Gifted Students are often perfectionistic and idealistic.  They may equate grades and academic achievement with self-esteem and self-worth, which sometimes leads to fear of failure and interferes with achievement. 
  • Some Gifted Students are 'mappers' (sequential learners), others are 'leapers' (spatial learners).  Leapers may not know how they got the right answer.  Mappers may get lost in the steps leading to the right answer. 
  • Gifted Students are problem solvers.  They benefit from working on open-ended, interdisciplinary problems.  For example, how to solve a shortage of community resources or how to implement a recycling program in their area.  Gifted Students often refuse to work for grades alone.  
  • Gifted Students often think abstractly and with complexity, therefore they may need help with concrete study and test taking skills.  

Adapted from College Planning for Gifted Students, 2nd ed., by Sandra Berger.