Candell Looman

3rd Grade Math & Science


Happy Fall Y'all!

Hello Friends!

My name is Mrs. Looman and I am so excited to start my first official year teaching at Pleasant Hill Elementary School. I started substitute teaching last year and fell in love. I LOVE math and hope that your children will learn to love it too. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.


3rd nine weeks

WOW! Just like that, February is here.

Students have been working hard on their multiplication math facts. We are practicing math facts daily and have a 5 minute assessment every Friday to check student progress. The hallway is lined with our ice cream cone progress. A "scoop" of ice cream for each mastered math fact. Once we demonstrate knowledge of each multiplication math fact, we will start mixing them up and adding in division facts.

The main focus this nine weeks is FRACTIONS!

3.NF.1 - Fractions

3.G.2 - Partitioning Shapes

3.NF.2 - Fractions and Number lines

3.NF.3 - Equivalent Fractions and Comparing Fractions - started January 27th




Yearbooks are on sale NOW through February 15th! 







About the Teacher

Education and Experience:

I have a Master Degree in Social Work but after falling in love with teaching last year I took my Praxis over the summer and will be continuing my education this year.


I hold an endorsement I1-120 Elementary Education (K-6) with Desoto County School District through the State Board of Education of Mississippi.

Personal Info:

My family and I moved to Mississippi 2 years ago from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  My husband and I live in Olive Branch with our 4 children and dog, Oreo.  My youngest 2 are also in 3rd grade this year at PHES.  My son is at the Middle School, where he just joined the soccer team.  My oldest, started her freshman year at the high school.  When I am not at school, you can find me at one of their various activities. My evenings and weekends are spent at the soccer field, cheer gym or competitions, dance studio or competitions or other performances, or a baseball field.  We are a busy bunch and I love every minute of it!