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                  About the Teacher

Hello, my name is Kendall Price. This is my fourth year teaching, and I am so very excited to have your child in my classroom! I come from a family of educators and I have always loved working with students. I love PHES and I love teaching!


I graduated from the University of Mississippi where I earned a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education with a specialty in reading. I am married to my best friend, Pearce, who teaches and coaches football at DCHS. Go Jags! We have one son, Grayson, who will be two this year. We also have three yorkies named Paisley, Poppy, & Piper.  

Mrs. Price's Favorite Things

Birthday: February 22nd 

School Supplies: Flair Pens

Restaurants: Chick Fil A and Buffalo Wild Wings

Stores: Amazon, Target, Hobby Lobby

Drinks: Dr. Pepper

Snacks: Reese's and Munchos

Favorite Colors: Yellow and Gray

Monogram: KPE


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Important Info


newsletter week one

Please make sure you check the newsletter for important information and upcoming events every week.


Weekly Skills:

Check the weekly newsletter  above to see our weekly skills and important reminders.


***Note: These objectives/activities are tentative and are subject to change in order to best meet students needs. 


Class Schedule

A Day- Music

B Day- Typing

C Day- Health

D Day- Library 2

E Day- Art

F Day- Computer Lab

G Day- PE *Please Wear Tennis Shoes*

H Day- Library 1

Lunch 12:20-12:45

Recess 12:50-1:15

Activity 2:15-3:00