2-3 Field Day
Good Friday Holiday (All)
Martin Luther King, Jr Holiday
187 Day Employees Return
CHHS Graduation @ 7 pm
182 Day Employees Return
Pay Day
60% Day - Call Schools for Dismissal Times
Last Day for 187 Day Employees
Last Day for 200/205/210 Employees
Students' First Day
End of First Semester
Spring Break Holiday (All)
Pay Day
12 Month Employees Off
DCHS Graduation @ 7 pm
HHS Graduation - 3 pm
Last Day for 182 Day Employees (TA's)
PTO Meeting
Staff Development Day (Student Holiday)
Staff Development Days (Teachers Return)
Teacher Appreciation Week
Students' Last Day (60% Day)
SHS Graduation @ 7 pm
Last Day for 190 Day Employees
12 Month Employees Off
Art Gala
5th grade program
60% Day; Kinder Fun Day
3-5 Grades MAAP Test - Math
PJ Day for $1 to support The Arc
President's Day Holiday (All)
Teachers' First Day
Independence Day Holiday (All)
LHS Graduation @ 7 pm
Memorial Day Holiday (All)
Labor Day Holiday (All)
New Teacher Orientation @ HLHS
New Kindergarten Student Tours @ 4 pm
5th Grade Promotion @ 9 am
HLHS Graduation @ 7 pm
OBHS Graduation @ 10 am
K-1 Field Day
210 Day Employees Return
Students' Last Day
60% Day; Last Day for Ss
New Kindergarten Student Tours @ 4 pm
Fall Break (All)
Christmas Holidays (All)
Teachers' Last Day
LCHS Graduation @ 3 pm
Students Return
Teachers' Last Day (Tentative)
5th Grade MAAP State Science Test
Teachers' Last Day
Thanksgiving Holidays (All)
4-5 Field Day
200 & 205 Day Employees Return
4th and 5th MAAP Test - ELA Session 1
190 Day Employees Return
4th and 5th MAAP Test - ELA Session 2
Easter Holiday (All)
12 Month Employees Off