About Me

Hello, I’m Ms. Hallie Hylander! I am so excited to be your child’s 5th Grade Science Teacher this year. It’s important to know that our Science Curriculum and Testing are application based. Application is the highest order of thinking a child can do, so they will go above and beyond simple memorization! They will have fun exploring, experimenting and learning how to apply what they know to their own world! When they are in the classroom, they will find a variety of learning resources from the planets hanging on the ceiling to the specimens on the shelves. Students will be encouraged to ask questions about what they observe in order to further their education. This will be an exciting year and I am eager to hear what they come home and share with you!


Personally, I have two explorers of my own, Blythe and Ida. Together we enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, gardening, and cooking. (All things related to Science!) We enjoy music immensely and often attend concerts. Singing in the car is one of my hobbies…and admittingly it sometimes bleeds into the classroom. Shopping and going to the movies are fun too!


I have a Great Dane named Zelda and two Siamese Cats named Figaro and Gabby. We also have a 150 gallon Reef Aquarium filled with living coral and a variety of sea creatures and fish. I also have a variety of gardens from herbs to flowering plants to a hummingbird/butterfly garden. You will find some plants in our classroom. I’m also a big fan of the Delta State Statesmen, better known as the “Fighting Okra!”


I look forward to meeting you soon! Welcome to our classroom! HERE, YOU ARE PHAMILY!